Our Family Practice


What is a Patient Centered Medical Home?

A patient centered medical home is not a place, rather it is a method of caring for our patients.  It's a way of anticipating what a person needs, and not just focusing on list of medical problems.  We keep in contact with the local hospitals to ensure prompt office follow up after an inpatient stay.  We communicate with the local specialists to make sure there are no gaps in patient treatment plans.  Health Maintenance is a cornerstone of our practice - our patients are regularly reminded of appropriate screening tests by their family physician.  We use an electronic health record that allows us to instantly access a patients past medical history, and reference state of the art medical treatment plans.  Our staff notifies our patients of all test results - not just the abnormal ones.  Sick patients are seen within 24 hours  - we set aside many appointments each day for problems that just cannot wait.  Under one roof we keep three Board Certified Family Physicians, a Registered Nurse / Case Coordinator, a Registered Dietician, and four Certified Medical Assistants to assure our patients get the most comprehensive primary medical care available.

For more information on the Patient Centered Medical Home, watch this video from TransforMed, and read this website from the Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative.